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2017-18 Registration days soon to be announced.
Date of Event : Sun Jul 9, 2017 7:35PM

The Port Stephens Pythons Registration Fees have been set at $150.00 for 2017-18. 

Returning players will be provided with new Training Gear (Shorts and Shirts), whilst new players for this season will receive full playing attire (Cap, Playing Pants and Short Sleeve Shirt), Club Polo and Training Gear. 

Registration days are to be confirmed for August and September, so keep an eye out for further information in the coming weeks. 

PSCC Committee. 

Last updated: Monday July 10, 2017 7:07PM

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Windsor Castle Stallions   def by   Port Stephens Pythons
Grade: MDCA:B Grade One Day Competition Round: GF 25 Mar 17
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